Art/Music/Design/Performing Art/Writing - 9 Feb 2015 by RDA Barossa

After many months of conversations, bottles of wine, thinking and planning, the region’s first ever, online creative community has launched and it’s exciting to think how big this community can potentially grow.

The initiative arose out of "The Barossa Arts Think Tank", when a call to develop an artists' register was made.  With the support of the Barossa Arts Council, RDA took the idea of an artists' register and turned it into a virtual hub and also incorporated design, music, performance and writing into the cluster.

Art Music Design is all about connecting, and it’s now up to you, to get on board and let everyone know about our fantastically creative and innovative region.  This includes Barossa, Light, Gawler and Mallala, and we’re looking forward to seeing what amazing talent and opportunities are unearthed.

This site is a one-stop-shop to connect artists with galleries, musicians with venues, performers with events and more.  It is live and dynamic and an opportunity for you to showcase your work, promote your venue and highlight your event…at no charge!  It’s as easy as filling out the online registration form by clicking on the link on the menu bar at the top right of the home page.

In the development of the Art Music Design website, special thanks should be made to two very talented locals – Andy Ellis who created a beautifully visual and functional site design, and Adam Judd who provided the technical know how to support the site and allowing it be managed and operated seamlessly.

Now, go out and talk, tweet, text, or Facebook your friends and colleagues about Art Music Design.  If it’s creative it should be on this site!