Common Ground Hills and Son Grand Organ and Julian Day visual arts performance

Art/Music/Performing Art - 4 Mar 2018 by Alexandra Devitt-Lansom

common ground.

Creating a stronger Barossa economy through artistic excellence, innovation and collaboration
Common Ground is a research and development partnership between artists and numerous local businesses in the Barossa region.  This residency will strengthen the arts and cultural sector by introducing Barossa community groups and businesses with an internationally recognised Australian artist.  Common Ground is bringing diverse groups of people and organisations together that otherwise would not be connected and thus improve collaborations between those that live in and visit the Barossa.  Common Ground brings the Barossa to the international stage through the eyes of art and music with artist Julian Day.

Common Ground identifies the artistic and economic benefits derived from placing arts practitioners in a local business and organisations setting through an artist in residency program. The Common Ground residency for 2018 is a collaborative effort of the artist, composer and ABC radio presenter Julian Day collaborating with Barossa choirs and internationally recognised instruments.

The residency program will be highlighting Barossa traditional musical talents and iconic venues alongside the extraordinary skills and knowledge of visual and performance artist and musical composer and ABC Classic Radio presenter; Julian Day  

Julian will be visiting the Barossa late in 2018 for a residency program where he will be working with local choirs and renowned instruments where he will be composing a specific musical performance that is classical Barossa within a contemporary interpretation.  The collaborative musical performance with Barossa community groups and businesses together will create and engage the local community in sharing a Barossa history in song and music that will be documented in well-known Barossa locations to create a new and engaging diverse work for us all to share.

More details will be added to this site as more local businesses join in this nuance musical experience.
Country Arts SA and Regional Development Australia Barossa are excited to be supporting this project and develop new relationships through collaborating the arts, businesses and community groups.



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