Barossa Fringe Special: Q&A with Tony Genovese

8 Mar 2017 by Leah Blankendaal

scaled The Desirables Dinner with the Stars ShowTony Genovese and his band The Desirables introduce audiences to the stars of showbiz. All the greats come to dinner: Shirley Bassey, Neil Diamond, Tina Turner, Elvis, The Beatles, Dean Martin, Roy Orbison, Dutsy Springfield and Buddy Holly! The Desirables Show includes pre dinner entertainment, a scrumptious evening's dinner and live performances by the Stars.

What can audiences look forward to from your show?

Audiences will have a night filled with many surprises and loads of laughs. We rove in our character costumes before the show and mingle with everyone, gathering up useful information from our guests that we then use in the Show. They love to reminisce to their favourite songs when they were younger and love to dance at every opportunity.

Where did the idea for your show come from?

We were performing many songs from similar artists and we decided to bring a collection of these together and present them in Cabaret style. Complete with costume changes, props and lots of audience interaction opportunities.

Your most embarrassing moment on stage/in rehearsal?

We become so engrossed in mixing in with the crowd that occasionally we get the words of our songs muddled up. Sometimes it is hard not to laugh when we are roving and singing as the crowd can get up to a lot of mischief!

Best interaction with an audience member?

A lady came up on to the dance floor as she was a die hard Elvis fan. We danced together during 'Blue Suede Shoes' and I went down on one knee to thank the audience. This was in time with the ending of the song. To my surprise the lady jumped up and landed on my knee on cue as if we had rehearsed it a million times.

Favourite post-show activity?

We like to mingle with the audience after the show and find out what they enjoyed most about it. They love to have photos with the stars as well. As a team we like to personally thank all of the venue staff and our team members for pulling together to bring about a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

What's the best thing about being an artist in the Fringe? 

At Fringe time South Australia comes alive and there is so much colour and activity going on. People get into the spirit of the occasion with their family and friends and there are a lots of smiles and laughter on everyone's faces.

The Desirables are performing at Lambert Estate on March 17 as a part of the Adelaide Fringe.