Australian Online Choir

Music/Performing Art - 23 Jul 2015 by Charlotte Williams

Australian Online Choir
The Australian Online Choir is currently holding open auditions to join the choir, and  was hoping to gather the councils support for our not-for-profit organisation that helps members of the community to remove stress, anxiety and depression through singing and a joint community.

The Australian Online Choir has been created to lift the spirits of Australians, decrease the amount of people within our country that are anxious, stressed and depressed. Music is awash with neurochemical rewards for working up the courage to sing. That rush, or “singer’s high,” comes in part through a surge of endorphins, which at the same time alleviate pain. When the voices of the singers surrounding you hit your ear, you will be bathed in dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that is associated with feelings of pleasure and alertness. Music is also known to lower cortisol, a chemical that signals levels of stress and anxiety.

While any singing has rewards, there are reasons you should find a choir rather than simply singing in the shower and leaving it at that. Studies have found that group singing releases oxytocin, a chemical that manages anxiety and stress and enhances feelings of trust and bonding.

People need to register their interest on our website australianonlinechoir.com.au , and the Australian Online Choir will book them in for a simple and quick audition. If the council could add our details to their local newsletter, it would be much appreciated. If you would like further information, please contact Alice Webb