Barossa Valley Brewing

Barossa Valley Brewing’s genesis was far from the lush rolling hills of the Barossa, but in the far away shores of the United States. Denham, our brewery founder, was in University in 1990, (supposed to be) studying Economics and Business but instead, was falling in love with craft beer. He spent much time with passionate brewers there, falling more deeply in love with this amazing beverage. Upon coming home, he did what any sensible person would do… he started a brewery.

Denham, and his brewery team, found themselves in the Barossa as it has an adherence to quality and a culture of experimentation which has allowed it to produce some of the planet’s best beverages. The team has learned, from the talented people who work and live here, how to produce world class beers, that sit alongside world class wines.

We work with the best local ingredients – whether that be Barossa roasted coffee, local picked cherries or lemongrass tended by local producers. All of us at BVB are foodies and enjoy nothing better than pairing great beer with great food. We wanted to share this joy so in 2011 we moved the entire brewery about 10 kms north to Tanunda, and started a restaurant and have been sharing the joy ever since.
This is just the start of the story. We keep working hard, experimenting harder and are enjoying great beer with an increasing band of friends.