Jennifer Ahrens

I work with multiple mediums predominantly with glass and metal, using techniques such as glass engraving and carving, metal patinas and creating simple shapes to create complex forms.

Recently I created a series of paintings on glass called ‘Heartwood.’ These paintings focused on the decomposition of wood, merging science and art to reveal the patterns within the cross section of the trunk of Eucalyptus Camaldulensis. ‘Heartwood #7’ has been my most successful artwork so far winning both the Youth prize and People’s Choice in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2014.

Inspired by my local area, the Barossa Valley, I create works focused on nature. Looking at the processes, notion of time and patterns within I am bringing awareness of nature around us. Nature is diverse and vast, I am focusing on the inter-connection and energy inherent, to celebrate this complex and delicately balanced phenomena. It is alive, it is dynamic.