Janet Pfeiffer

Born in South Australia and has travelled extensively throughout the UK and Cyprus as a child of a RAF family.

As a self-taught mixed media artist, Janet ran classes at a local art school for adults and children. Her interest in art and healing led her to become a Creativity Coach, an InterPlay Leader (Improvised Dance), and an accredited Art Therapist.

Janet has been in numerous group exhibitions and had 2 solo exhibitions. She has won two art awards and sold work across Australia and overseas. She recently returned to the small town of Keyneton in the beautiful Barossa Valley after a number of years living in Sydney and WA. She runs workshops combining art and/or movement and creates art on a daily basis at her home studio in Keyneton.

You are invited to visit Janet’s studio in Keyneton by appointment. Alternatively, if you are taking a drive along Keyneton Road and the bright green flag is out on the verge, please drop in and say “hello”!

Janet says, "I am a Collagist". After more than 10 years working as a visual artist, first in watercolours, then more intuitively with acrylics and mixed media, Janet recently had a breakthrough that has defined and unified her art journey. She has returned to the joy of collage, combining a variety of materials to create fascinating images.

Janet says, “I have always been like a squirrel gathering materials wherever I go and storing them away. Discarded items of all types can become treasures for collagists. I search the ground almost everywhere for anything I feel will help build interesting surfaces. No material is too inferior to be used. I find most of my collage pieces all around me and not at the art stores.

Janet finds collage a stimulating exploratory medium, a tactile wonderland where “the sky is the limit” and there are no rules regarding combinations of materials and media. Anything goes and anything is possible. This frees me to experiment with and explore many combinations of media, materials, methods and techniques.