Janelle Amos

Janelle Amos redefines our relationship to Nature through an exquisite body of organic Ephemeral Art that draws you into the present moment. Exploring the power of spontaneous play & creativity with Nature, Janelle's creations of foraged leaves, petals & earth elements, embody insight, connection & joy. The original pieces, only experienced by Janelle herself, are left to dissolve into the ebb & flow of Nature after a photograph captures the essence of each given moment.

An overwhelmingly successful debut solo SALA exhibition in 2015 titled "Self Pollinate", launched Janelle as an emerging Artist & into the hearts & homes of many who connect with her work.

Artist Statement:
Inspired by the primal creative, Nature; my living mentor, muse & play mate. My work is spontaneous, organic and joyfully temporary, capturing the aching beauty & ungraspable generosity of Nature & her Seasons.