Janelle Amos - Self Pollinate

Inspired by Nature's confidence to create regardless of barriers, Janelle's work reveres the honesty & worthiness within life's imperfection & celebrates the intrinsic beauty of Nature just as it is, & therefore ourselves, just as we are.

Janelle’s Nature Mandala work is spontaneous, ephemeral & organic, made & photographed in the natural light of the moment. The work is constructed in the elements without studio conditions, welcoming the unpredictability of Nature to be a part of each scene; a soft breeze may rattle the petals, the light may cast shadows, or the warm sunshine may bring the ants. Janelle’s intention to capture her work in this raw way is a nod towards the beauty of an unedited & unfiltered life.

Shared as Fine Art Pigment Prints, each print is an archival treasure designed for longevity. Available online at in limited editions of 25 in both 30 x 30cm & 60 x 60cm size, numbered & signed by Janelle.