Australian Art Hub

An Online Art Gallery selling prints by local Australian artists to a National and International market through an Online Gallery and E-commerce website - Driven by Social Media!

| About us… |

We are here to help you sell your Artwork Online - at no Cost to you! Like you, we share a passion for Contemporary Australian Art: and we all want to share our talent with the world!

| Our Artists… |

We are looking for the Very Best Australian Artists - Known, Unknown - and the Undiscovered! Our Artists are sourced through local networks, Referrals, Exhibitions, University Alumni (School of Art and Design), SALA Committee and Artists can apply online by submitting a digital portfolio, and additional artists are sought through online portfolios

| Artists Benefits |

 Make money from your Art - at NO cost to you!!

 Artwork sold is Prints - You keep your Originals

 High commission percentage 50% of Profits

 We take Care of your online Gallery and E-commerce

 We take care of the Printing, and we take care of the Postage

 Showcase your art among the finest local artists

 We link your website and/or social media to us - and provide links and icons

 Full Network support, project ideas (for upcoming tends), feedback and news is shared among our community of Artists.

We look forward to working with you!



Australian Art Hub

WHAT IS AAH? Australian Art Hub is a space for Local Australian Artists to showcase and sell prints of their artwork.

We offer a diverse range of prints for sale online - to suit all tastes and budgets. Don't get the print everyone else has - get the Art print YOU want!