Barossa Mosaic

Kate Jenkins

Kate is a practicing visual artist working in the Barossa Valley region in mosaics, mixed media, watercolour and oil painting. She also previously worked with textiles and ceramics. Having worked as a studio artist at the Adelaide Jam Factory, Kate has been regularly exhibiting over the past 30 years, Kate’s community involvement includes a number arts projects and workshops, including:

  • Community murals involving young people, local artists and community, supporting the  design, planning and project fabrication
  • Community and individual mosaic workshops, supporting participants in the design development and making of individual artworks
  • Choral and performance events with Big Country Choir and Disability Arts Community
  • Mandala project - a combined artist project in the Barossa Bushgardens for SALA 2010

Kristin Wohlers

Kristin Wohlers studied at the Berlin University of Fine Arts and is now based in the Barossa working in a variety of media especially mosaics and sculptures. She has exhibited in the Barossa, Sydney and Melbourne and commissioned art works can be found in several Australian cities. Kristen uses ceramic tile, glass and smalti as well as local stone, marble and repurposed materials.

Projects are often in collaboration with other artists and she has been involved in a number of public and community art projects, including: