Angela Walford

I am ceramicist, designer, photographer and work in multimedia. I moved my ceramic studio practise to Seppeltsfield in 2015 and currently run clay classes and workshops from this location and around Adelaide. My ceramic work ranges from raku to stoneware, small and large scale works. I work in contemporary and traditional styles in an organic manner always exploring and changing as the seasons do. I design new forms regularly and make functional works to sustain my exhibition practice and myself.

Mmmm the shino, what can I say captured by this glaze during my time at college and am still enamoured by it... It’s a beautiful surface sometimes ‘capturing’ the fire of the kiln leaving carbon spots and flame kisses and sometimes not, it can be illusive but always captivating..
And there you have it one of my very favourite things!
Along with my love for traditional glazes is my contemporary brightly glazed ceramic wares. Colourful layers of glazes and printed images, they are often quirky designs or with hand drawn slip decoration.
My college days began with Fine Art and Design with a clay introduction as my elective study and years later I am still captivated... Just some of my wares - traditional shino & chun, lil birdie, country cottage stripes and hot chocolate marblewares.